Look at all of the backgrounds. 

 Select 24 backgrounds that you want us to have present on your display board on the night of your event.  (See sample display board, attached.)

As you make your 24 selections, please record each choice in an email that you will be sending back to us.

Please list the backgrounds by the NUMBER listed in the bottom middle of the background and the NAME of the background as well.  If there is no number listed, please list the name of the only.

In making your selections, if you don’t know which backgrounds to pick or in what quantity to have a very exciting and balanced board, try using this rule of thumb:

Pick any/all images of your theme/related to your theme to start.

Pick a few colorful drapes. They are perfect for portraits and when you have a large group wanting to take a picture. Logically, you can’t see much of the background when there is a large group, but a pop of color usually looks great.

Pick a few Arizona backgrounds. (Example: cactus sunset, most wanted, Camaro). People from out of state will love these backgrounds and Arizonans will also use these backgrounds.

 Pick some fun backgrounds that everyone will like relating to Hollywood, movies, T.V. shows, games. 

Pick a sports background or two that is generic like the Sports Center desk. You can also add in some favorite sports.

Decide what else you like, from around the world backgrounds to animals, and any others that appeal.

 Once you have your list of 24 backgrounds, e-mail the list back.  Please remember to send the NUMBER AND COMPLETE NAME of the background.