Open-Air Photo Booths

You want your guests to go home with a fabulous memory of the great time they had at your party...

We will Photograph and Print up to
100 Photos Per Hour! 

(Most booths produce 20-40 photos per hour.)

If you prefer, we can provide digital uploads instead.

Want to get more than 3 people in a photo?
We are an open-air photo booth.

We Can Fit up to 17
People in a Photo!

Want to be photographed on incredible backgrounds?

Preview, then choose from 400 backgrounds ahead of time!

At the Party, your Guests
will Choose from
24 Amazing Backgrounds
that you pre-selected!

(Most green screen companies will give you 3 – 6 choices.)

Other Products & Services:

3D Flip Books

Remember drawing stick figures on a pad of paper and then flipping through the pages?

Today's Flip Books are Digital and we have taken them to a whole new level.

Our Flip Books are 3D!

We invented it! No one else has it on-site at parties!

Not only do your guests get to enjoy their movements, but many of our backgrounds “move” too!

We make the flip books at the event and hand them to you and your guests. 40-55 per hour.

Airbrush Tattoos

We produce 60 – 90 full color airbrush tattoos per hour! 

375 design choices!

Watch out kids.  This has become an adult hit too! 

Digital Airbrush
Hats and Tee Shirts

We bring hats, shirts, and an inventory of our art designs to the event. (Custom available.)

The guests select the art design of their choice, give us their name, and we add both onto the apparel!

(Great for on-site team building!)

Custom Centerpieces, Place Cards

We will work with you to create original unique centerpieces and place cards to match.

Custom Signing Boards, Banners

We create beautiful signing boards and banners that you will find nowhere else.